Day 5

31st October 2007

What a day!

I'm exhausted.

Why am I exhausted?

Because today I have: cut two clients hair, swept up, made drinks, given an Oxi-Jet facial treatment, assisted two of my fellow trainees with their cuts, given a manicure, played a quiz game, given a massage and waxed a bum!

Our assistant manager, Steve Strange was feeling poorly again today, so he left during the early afternoon. This meant that we had his clients to deal with too.

I was very pleased with my first cut of the day. My client Laura, asked for a Jamelia style. Of course, I acted as if I knew exactly who she meant, made my excuses, and went to ask Lee. He didn't know either. Finally it was Javine to the rescue. She described the singer's hair to me, and I attempted to recreate this vision. After an hour and a half, the vision was realised. My client was please with her 'graduated bob' with sweeping fringe, and I had learned a new technique.

Next, to the beauty room to learn massage. Model, Amy Lu was my client. Under the supervision of beauty therapist Lindsey, Ben showed me what he had already learned about massage. I then stepped in and tried to master what is quite a complicated art. There are so many different moves, and it's quite strenuous too.

No sooner had my healing-hands finished imparting their magic, than I was face to face with my next client. Actor, Derek Martin (aka Charlie Slater in Eastenders). He was booked in for an Oxi-Jet facial treatment.

Actor, Derek Martin

My final cut of the day was Amanda from Nottinghamshire. To my horror, she was a hairdresser with her own salon. She turned out to be a lovely client, leaving me free to create exactly the style I wanted. With only 45 minutes for the appointment, I had to think on my feet. No time to consult Lee this time. I snipped and clipped, designing the style as I went. What I ended up with was a combination of three styles (intentionally). A very straight, sculpted fringe, A bit of a funk up on top (I said 'funk'), and the back was shaped out into a DA (official hairdressing term standing for Duck's Ar**). Amanda loved it; Lee seemed please too, impressed that I had satisfied a client with her own salon.

Lil' Chris burst one of the staff room beanbags. Talking of beanbags, my next client was in for a, wait for it - 'bum wax'. The first thing that springs to mind is, 'why?' For what occasion would one need a 'hairless' bum? A wedding? My client John had his own reasons. So, it was on with the rubber gloves, and off with his arse hair! At one point, I felt as though I was stood overlooking the Grand Canyon! Need I say any more?

What will tomorrow bring? For the moment, only a feeling of dread.