Day 4

30th October 2007

Today, (in TV land) it was Halloween! The reason being, is that the show is broadcast one day behind. So when you see it, it WILL be Halloween. In recoginition of this, The Academy was decorated with pumpkins that had hair, an assortment of rubbery creatures and a skeleton (or was it a client after a colonic?).

Lee gave us the usual motivational talk today, but no masterclass. However, he did invent a word. He said we were 'Strependous'. I think he's 'brilltastic' too.

I started the day as 'Salon Assistant' (tea boy & 'sweeper upperer' to you and me). I folded towels, made tea and coffee, and distributed an unpalatable amount of Ginger Nuts! One client had three, then had the cheek to take home what she didn't eat! Some people.

Washing-up done, and my first client arrived. Her name was Ashley from Canada. This was a fairly straightforward 'square-layer' cut. She then asked if I could straightened it. This I did without too much drama and only a mild smell of singeing hair!

Next, I was asked to assist Brandon Block with a manicure, since he was running out of time. What an odd couple we made. I decided to give the client nail polish with a Halloween theme - orange base with little pumpkin faces on!

My final client of the day was booked in for a quick wash and blow-dry. It turned out to be none other than Derek Acorha, acclaimed psychic and medium.

Although he was in a rush, I suggested I give him a little trim & tidy-up, which he agreed to. He sat very calmly. Obviously, he had not forseen any disasters for his appointment with me. We had a facinating chat about all things ghostly. Derek even stated that there was a 'portal' in The Academy' building, and that a spirit named Patrick passes through it. Personally, I think he just spotted Steve Strange nipping to the loo!